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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Printing Form 3CD

To Print the Form 3CD from Tally.ERP 9,
Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Form 3CD
  • Press Alt+P or click on P: Print
  • In the Print screen of Form 3CD,
  • Set the option Print Form 3CD to Yes, to print Form 3CD
  • Set the option Print with Signatures to Yes, to print the Form 3CD with signatures.
  • Set the option Print along with Annexures to Yes, to print all the Annexures along with Form 3CD
  • Specify the Auditor's CA Firm Name in the Firm Name field
  • Specify the Firm Registration Number in the FRN field
  • Specify the Auditor's name in the Name of Chartered Accountant field
  • In the Salutation filed specify Auditor's salutation
  • Specify the membership number of Auditor in the MRN No field
  • Specify the address of CA Firm in the Address field
  • Specify the city name in the Place field
  • In Date field enter the date of generating the Form 3CD
  • Specify the Company signatory details on the right side if required
Note: The empty fields in the Print Configuration screen will not be printed in the Form 3CD.
  • Press Enter to print Form 3CD and Annexures.
The printed Form 3CD Annexure I  appears

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