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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Audit Remotely (Anywhere)

To use Audit & Compliance features remotely from anywhere, the Auditor should get authenticated on Tally.NET to obtain the Auditors’ Edition License.
The Client should authorise the Auditor to perform Audit remotely for the given company. For information on Authorisation process, refer to Authorising Tally.NET Auditors section. Or else, the main auditor should have delegated the authorised Company to the article.
To obtain Auditors’ Edition License and perform Audit remotely,
  • Start Tally.ERP 9  
  • Press Alt+F1 to Shut any company that is running
  • Press Login as Remote User

  • Enter the BAP user name and Password in the Name of User and Password fields respectively

  • Select Remote Company screen appears displaying the Companies connected to Tally.NET for different Clients which are available for Remote Audit.

  • Press Enter to start the Company remotely

  • Press on Audit & Compliance menu
  • Press Enter on either Tax Audit, Statutory Audit or Statutory Compliance to use the required tool remotely.
Note: The Remote Auditing will work even in Educational version of Tally.ERP 9

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